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10 Best Places To Go Off-Roading

Hollister Hills SVRA (Hollister, California)

Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area includes 24 trail miles. Hollister features a man-made obstacle course known for its mud bog. The mud bog lures huge crowds on holidays and weekends. The SVRA is located in the mountains that separate the city of Hollister from the Salinas Valley. A big selling point for these hills are the challenges it presents. During wetter seasons the off-road course is impassable.

Moab, Utah

You’ll find Moab in Southeastern Utah. Moab is a portal to enormous red rock formations in Arches National Park.  It is well known for its legendary off-roading sites. The area is not limited to off-roaders. Moab is family friendly; it presents opportunities for hikers, mountain bikers and rafters. Moab recognizes it’s many attractions, so it closes off trails for off-road vehicles. Still, off-road areas are plentiful. The area provides jeep rentals and welcomes off-road rigs. Don’t forget your Off-Highway Vehicle permits; as they are mandatory. The city of Moab hosts the Museum of Moab. The museum showcases dinosaur bones and plenty of artifacts.

The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off-Road Park in Marseilles, Illinois

The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off-Road Park is just fun to say. It also presents some of the most muddy-terrain. The off-road park contains 300 acres of trails. The trails range from beginner to expert, so anybody is welcome! This park is very versatile. Cliffs Insane Terrain offers thick wooded areas, humongous open fields, babbling, and steady creeks and one deceptive mudhole. For beginners out there: watch out for deep holes that present themselves as shallow mud puddles.

Whipsaw Trail in South-Central British Columbia

Photo Cred: thisworldexists.org

Whipsaw Trail is the recipient of the BFGoodrich Outstanding Trails award. Whipsaw is a station in a heavily precipitated area. Therefore, the best time to visit this rigorous wonderland is between July and August. Its selective availability makes it a huge attraction. The trail is a live mining and logging road, so please be aware of traffic. Some areas of the trail are treacherous, so it’s not a bad idea to bring a winch and a tow strap if you get stalled.

Redneck Yacht Club in Punta Gorda, Florida

Photo Cred: redneckmudpark.com

Redneck Yacht Club is not just a  Craig Morgan smash hit banger; it is also a place to smash, hit and bang around the mud with your rigs and 4×4. It is a pinnacle location for mudding and off-roading aficionados. The park offers over 800-acres, a mud track, three mud holes drive-thru buggy and ATV wash, camping, and food vendors. Redneck Yacht club is an off-road paradise. Don’t forget to check out Hog Waller and Gator Slough; the yacht club’s most famous of its mud holes.

Photo Credit: redneckmudpark.com

Shiloh Ridge in Alto, Texas

Photo Credit: riderplanet-usa.com

Shiloh’s claim to fame? The ridge is the first off-road park in Teas. Shiloh Ridge hosts the Texas Redneck Games. The games are held over four days and constituted of mudding, live entertainment, camping, and even wet T-shirt contests. There is no sleep for the wicked at Shiloh Ridge; the park is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Bring your motorcycles, ATVs, and ORVs. It is closed right now, but we have our fingers crossed this privately owned park will re-open eventually.

Azusa Canyon in Azusa California

Photo Credit: socalprerunner.co

Azusa in the lone state-owned-and-operated mud paradise of SoCal. The San Gabriel River feeds the canyon. The river makes this mecca’s bog’s deep with silt from the encompassing San Gabriel Mountains. All the natural splendor makes this a mudding dream. The only caveat, your rig must be street legal.

The Mounds ORV Area in Mt Morris, Michigan

Photo Credit: themounds.org

The mounds are nestled in Mt. Morris, MI (I use the word ‘nestled’ loosely). The Mounds ORV Area is an enormous multiplex with resilient sand and modest ponds riddled across the park. Huge horsepower is not endorsed here. A rig with 33-inch mud tires and waterproofed electronics will do the job.

Photo Credit: themounds.org

Truck Night at Yankee Lake in Brookfield, Ohio

Photo Credit: Truck Night Youtube Channel

Brace yourself to go off-roading in one of the most demanding bogs in the country. Truck Night draws bulbous crowds of people that are eager to see high-horsepower rigs rival in sandy mud pits. The competition includes rock crawling, log climbing, car crushing and tug o’ war. Truck season spans from May to September on Fridays throughout the season. The season opener, dubbed Trucks Gone Wild, is the Cadillac of competitions at Yankee Lake.

Photo Credit: Truck Night TV Youtube Channel

Oceano Dunes in California

The Oceano Dunes were once known as Pismo Beach. The dunes offer over 3,600 acres of beach coast. Oceano gives you that Peach Beach vibe. Almost half of the area welcomes off-roading. There is not another destination in California that permits you to drive your rig directly onto the stand, choose your camping spot and enjoy rides throughout the dunes. You can tour the dunes in just one day; it provides other activities like surfing, swimming, horseback riding, and fishing.

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