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10 Girls With Crazy Talents

Youtube has shown shown us that there are millions upon millions of amazing people on earth, and to gain the fame and individuality you desire, you must find a passion and become the best of the best in whatever it is you choose. Nothing is more captivating than someone with their own interests and passions, and these 10 girls display the pinnacle of skill in their respective disciplines.

1. Raquel Benetti

Raquel Benetti is a skilled freestyle soccer player from Sapiranga, Brazil. Benetti has found success in realms outside of freestyle soccer as well, and working as a model she has been on the cover of multiple magazines including Colírio Girl. Benetti’s unique soccer juggling videos with 6 inch heels have helped her amass 500k followers on Instagram.

2. McKayla Maroney

McKayla Maroney is an American gymnast with multiple Olympic gold medals. McKayla has also showcased her impressive gymnastic skills while throwing the first pitch at a White Sox game. Check out the ways she flips and contorts herself before she does something every kid in America dreams to do.

3. Allison Stokke

Allison Stokke caught everyones eye when pictures of her pole vaulting went viral when she was 17. Stokke held the high school freshman pole vault record during high school and competed in many state and national championships. She then went on to UC Berkley to continue her career.

4. Brittany Hertz

Being a 3 time National Cheerleading Champion, it is easy to see why Brittany Hertz is such a phenomenal athlete. Able to backflip into a split, do pushups with her legs over her elbows, and contort her body into a backflip from sitting with her legs crossed, it’s no surprise that she has a 130,000 followers on Instagram and growing fast.


5. Leticia Bufoni

Born in Brazil, and beginning to skate at age 9, she came to the United States to compete in the X Games by the age of 14. She has won 6 medals, 2 of each that allow for a spot on the podium. Leticia Bufoni is so good at skating that she has been sponsored by Nike SB, GoPro, Plan B Skateboards, Crail Trucks, Bones Wheels, Red Bull, Boarders for Breast Cancer, and Grizzly Griptape.

6. Nicole Frýbortová

Frýbortová is a 23 year old artistic cyclist hailing all the way from Slovakia. Ever since her discovery of the sport, she has been in love with it, participating in competitions throughout the world. To this day, she spends about 18 hours a week practicing her skill. Although she no longer competes much, she enjoys spreading and training people in the sport.

7. Charity Grace LeBlanc

LeBlanc is a 29 year old mother of two that is commonly known as the “fittest mom on Instagram”. She is well known for her cute videos of workouts with her kids as well as her yoga tutorial videos. These videos have helped her get a follower base of 500k on Instagram. She also posts make up and hair tutorials often using her daughter as the subject.


8. Goril Synnove

Synnove is a skilled pole dancer from Norway. However, she is not what you imagine when you think of pole dancing. She turns it into a mixture of art and sport, and it requires an immense amount of strength and endurance.. Some of the insane twists and spins she pulls off actually got her a spot on Norway’s Got Talent.


9. Lilia Stepanova

Lilia Stepanova is a contortionist and gymnast from Moldova. It makes sense that she is a world class contortionist because both her parents are contortionists as well. Because of this, she has been training since age 5. Stepanova is a common performer in halftime shows in the NBA, and was also a fan favorite on Season 1 of America’s Got Talent.

10. Alana Blanchard

Blanchard is a 28 year old American surfer and model. Being born in Hawaii, she fell in love with surfing at a young age. She has won championships hosted by Volcom, Billabong, Quicksilver and many other brands throughout her career. She was also friends with the Soul Surfer, Bethany Hamilton. She actually was there when Hamilton lost her arm to a 14 foot shark.