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10 Music Stars Who Drive Sick Cars (And 7 Who Don’t)

If you’re a celebrity, chances are you’ll make enough cash to cop any sick ride. How often have you seen an A-lister driving around in Bugattis, Ferraris, or even a Rolls? However, some musicians, for some reason, almost seem to be indifferent to the cars they drive, which is strange because image is everything in the industry. A Bugatti might give a person an incentive to work hard, a beater (like a 20 year old Chevy) might make also make someone work hard but because they don’t want to have the car. It’s a shame sometimes musicians blow all their money and are forced to drive a normal person’s car (how horrific). Anyways, here are 10 sweet rides that celebrities drive, and 7 average beaters that will make you giggle.

17. Sick Ride: Tyga’s Rolls-Royce Phantom

Maybe it would be a good idea if Tyga quit blowing all his cash on sick rides and started saving because he’s reportedly been having major difficulties keeping up with his lavish lifestyle. He’s definitely a huge fan of the Rolls-Royce brand, however, as he has purchased a Ghost, a Wraith, and a Phantom. The problem, though, is that he hasn’t been able to keep them all. He had his $2.2 million Maybach repoed when he failed to make his payments. Tyga is also known to make headlines with his whips, crashing his Lamborghini Aventador and apparently even being arrested for driving with paper plates. Rolls Royces in general are definitely some of the most ostentatious cars on earth, so hopefully he can keep it together and not get his possessions repossessed. 

16. Beater: Will.I.Am’s Volkswagon Beetle

Don’t let your eyes play tricks on you. That’s is a Volkswagen Beetle. It may not look the same as the ones we see teenage girls obsessing over, but trust me, it’s a beetle. Will.I.Am had it customized to make it one of a kind, and it makes you wonder what you would do, or what car you might buy, with the $900,000 that he spent on it. That’s enough money to buy a few Ferraris and then some. The grille is inspired by Bentley, with a supercharged LS3 engine, the rapper having done custom work with The Garage and West Coast Customs. Why would you try to make a car look like a Bentley, when you can literally go buy a Bentley and then, I don’t know, maybe buy a house after? Definitely not the smartest moves made, but who can blame him for trying to be an individual in the industry that is so competitive? 


Supercars are extremely competitive in looks and performance, but it rarely gets more impressive than the Lamborghini Aventador. It’s futuristic, fast, furious, and powerful. It’s probably too much for the little boy Justin Bieber to handle, but he does have enough bands to blow after he continuously crashes his sweet rides. The Aventador may not even be the peak car in Bieber’s collection, sadly, because he also has a Rolls-Royce, multiple Ferraris, a Bugatti Veyron, and a Bugatti Chiron. He even was reported having trashed one of his Veyrons. With a price of nearly $3 million, that’s about as luxurious and expensive as you can get. That’s a lot of money to waste on a totaled supercar, but it’s not like it matters to Bieber, as he continues to spend millions on multiple vehicles. However, not all the cars in his collection are all that stylish…


Justin Bieber may have one of the most impressive car collections of any celebrity. His collection of supercars might give Leno’s and Seinfeld’s a run for their money, but not every car in Bieber’s garage is a jewel. He does have a beater tucked in between all those Bugattis and Lambos, but for good reason. Bieber’s matte-black Smart Car is what he drives when he wants to hide from paparazzi. A matte-black Smart Car blends into L.A. traffic a lot more easily than a golden, shiny Lamborghini does. Bieber also has reportedly switched the Smart Car badge with a badge that says Swag Car. That might be the most uncool thing anybody has ever done. 


Even though Kid Rock paid over $225,000 for this Pontiac Bonneville, it’s still controversially a beater. Like others on this list, it may not flashy, but it is rather showy. The Texas longhorns on the grille might catch your eye, but immediately afterward, you’ll be left in a state of confusion as to why a rockstar would own this car. Kid Rock isn’t the first musician to own this car though. Before he bought it, it was owned by Hank Williams Jr., a well known country legend. The six-foot-wide horns and saddle-like leather interior were added to the Bonneville by celebrity designer Nudie Cohn specifically for Hank Jr. You’d think a car with a lineage such as this would be better-looking. 


Lily Allen may own a beater, but at least she knows how to drive it properly. The British pop star has been seen showing off her driving abilities by drifting in an empty London parking lot. Talk about marriage material. Her green Ford Focus certainly isn’t anything special to look at, but at least she knows how to whip. You can’t really blame her for driving a Ford Focus, either. After all, the Mustang wasn’t available in the UK until recently, so what choice did she really have if she wanted any kind of showy Ford? Still, it’s a far road from the supercars a lot of other musicians have in their collections.


The Bugatti Veyron is the peak of supercar styling. It’s a supercar that’s reserved for the elite of the elite because it costs a staggering $3 million to buy. The monthly cost to retain them is more than most people’s cars cost in total. It’s a popular choice for many rappers looking to flaunt their wealth, and Birdman is no exception. The Cash Money Record label founder is often seen riding through the streets of Atlanta and Miami in his bright red Veyron. Birdman’s Bugatti is red all over—both inside and outside. Clearly, red is just simply his favorite color because he often wears tracksuits that match the color scheme of his Veyron. Only red. Ever. Nothing more to that color than it’s just his favorite, nothing to see here. 

10. Beater: Marky Mark Wahlberg’s Toyota Sienna

Marky Mark may have left his hip-hop days behind him, but he hasn’t outgrown his taste for below average cars. However, we may be able to excuse it because the Toyota Sienna is an affordable and reliable family mover, and that’s the way the he uses it. He’s often seen picking up his son from soccer practice in this abomination. Wahlberg’s Sienna does have some modifications to make it a little cooler than the stock run of the mill soccer mom vehicle. It has aftermarket tires and tinted windows so he can hide from the paparazzi. Still, the Toyota Sienna is the peak of a beater. 


Paul Weller, the singer of the British punk the Jam, not only pilots a car that’s British but even helped design a special-edition version of the Mini. Weller says he’s whipped Minis since he could drive, so it made sense that he lent a hand in creating a special version of this little car. However, even though this pinstriped pink Mini is a one-of-a-kind, it is still licensed as a beater. It may be an ugly car, but at least its existence is for the greater good of humanity, as it was auctioned off for charity. Could you really say the same about a flashy supercar? Definitely not.


Can a car as cheap as this three-wheeled roadster really be considered a sick whip? At just over $26,000, this strange but attention-grabbing car costs less than the price of some supercars cost a month. However, when a car is driven by Snoop Dogg, no matter what it may be, it’s automatically a sick ride. The Slingshot looks like it comes from the future, and fans of this strange vehicle call it an extremely fun car to drive. Snoop Dogg is so into his car, that he even nicknamed it “Batman.” The Slingshot has more in common with a motorcycle than most cars. Because it has no airbags or crumples zones, so it’s treated like a motorcycle in many places. 


The 1993 Acura Legend was always the dream car of Ludacris, which is respectable considering most people dream of the supercars we have already seen on this list. When he bought one, however, he pushed it to its limits. After finally wrecking it, it had 280,000 miles. Even though it was totaled, Ludacris didn’t want to be rid of his beloved beater. So, with the help of Acura, he had it completely restored and rebuilt to mint condition, which showed it clearly had sentimental value to him. Ludacris was driving the ’93 Acura before he made it big, so you can see why it would be special memento to him. Even if it did get restored by the same people that originally designed the car, the Acura still doesn’t hold a place as a sick ride, although it is quite a respectable story. 


The guitarist Eric Clapton was always a fan of the Ferrari Boxer, so he teamed up with the Italian car creator to design a unique supercar based on the classic and influential automobile. The SP12 EC cost a whopping $4.7 million to build, most likely pennies for one of the greatest guitarists to ever live, and it has a distinctly retro look. Heavily inspired by the 458 Italia, this Ferrari is so stylish and cool that anyone would love to own it. If Clapton ever does sell it, it’ll definitely cost more than what it did when it was built.


When Nick Mason bought this classic Ferrari that is over 40 years old, everyone thought he was crazy. Nowadays,  he is known as the Warren Buffett of vehicles because the car has gone up so high in value. Today, this fabled Ferrari is worth over $40 million. The Pink Floyd drummer is a huge racing fan, and he still takes his 250 GTO to the track on a regular basis. He sees the car as part of his family, so we don’t think he’ll ever sell it, no matter how much it may be worth. 


The Aston Martin DB9 does seem a bit too classy for someone like Kanye, as the British sports car has a powerful v12 engine and a price tag of $200,000, ranking very close, if not the best, in luxury. The 5.9-liter v12 is capable of putting out an impressive 540 hp. The DB9 also looks amazing, almost as amazing as Kim K. 


Rapper Jay-Z has a very impressive car collection that’s worth more than $15 million USD. His huge collection consists of a Bugatti Veyron, a Porsche 911, and even a Pagani Zonda. One of his prized possessions is a Maybach Exelero that has a staggering price tag of $8 million. Jay-Z is said to have a net worth of over $550 million though, so $8 million is basically pocket change for him. The Exelero is almost as famous as Jay-Z because the flashy car made an appearance in the music video for Otis, which he performed with Kanye West.


The rapper Wyclef Jean has an extremely cool collection of cars in his garage. He has a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado, a McLaren F1, and crazily enough, a Pagani Zonda C12 . He has beeb reported to possess at least 37 cars in his fleet. The Pagani Zonda might be the most astounding of all his cars. The c12 was produced in extremely limited numbers, so Wyclef Jean is lucky to have one of these supercars in his collection. The 6.0-liter V12 engine makes the Pagani Zonda one of the most powerful vehicles available.


Canadian rapper and Degrassi legend Drake has not just one but two Bentleys. He owns both the Continental and the Mulsanne. But that’s not even close to the end of it. He also has a Mercedes-Maybach Pullman, a Bugatti Veyron, a Rolls-Royce phantom, and a Rolls-Royce Dawn. He has a few Ferraris and Lambos, too. However, they don’t really seem like much when his garage is full of Bentleys. If his Bentley looks at all familiar, it’s because it was featured in the music video for Started from the Bottom. Drake has definitely come a long way since Degrassi—that we know for sure.