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4 Must See Attractions For Your Saskatchewan Vacation

4 Must See Attractions For Your Saskatchewan Vacation

4 Must See Attractions For Your Saskatchewan Vacation

Saskatchewan is a rural yet historically rich province that can keep engaging and amazing the whole family. While lacking a major urban hub like Ontario’s Toronto or Vancouver in B.C., Saskatchewan still provides a beautiful medley of the old-fashioned and the urbane with plenty to do (and even more to see) within its unsuspecting borders. Here’s a list of just some of the fantastic things Saskatchewan has to offer.

Where to Visit In Saskatchewan

1.) Cypress Hills and Grasslands National Park

Seated at the highest point in the entire province, Cypress Hills is a beautiful, rolling landscape perfectly suited for any combination of hiking, camping, fishing or simply just enjoying its natural beauty. Cypress Hills and Grassland’s National Park are a true bucket list destination for any serious outdoorsmen.  And once the sun sets, it’ll be just you, your family, and the light of a trillion Milky Way stars shining down on you. It’s a sight very few people get to experience, aided greatly by the 5,000 foot elevation of the park.

2.) The Tunnels of Moose Jaw

Learn about the sordid past of one of Canada’s most historic cities through an immersive, underground experience in the Tunnels of Moose Jaw. The tunnels were originally created as part of a plan to power the city with steam heat, but was then abandoned and rumored to be occupied by Chinese immigrants as a shelter. After that, the tunnels were used for rum smuggling purposes during prohibition. The tunnels even boasted the infamous Al Capone as one of its main smugglers. The site was also used as an underground brothel for a time before turning into a cold war bunker. At the Tunnels of Moose Jaw, tour guides will walk you through the ages so you can re-live the entertaining history of one of Canada’s most notorious hotspots.

3.) Twisted Trees

Experience this unsettling grove of Quaking Aspens deep in the heart of Saskatchewan’s dense forests. These one-of-a-kind trees have interwoven to create the marvelous site located in Speers Saskatchewan. The Twisted Trees are thought to have originated from one single source hundreds of years ago, but nobody can quite get a true understanding of how this phenomenon came to be. The site is surrounded on all sides by “normal” aspen groves, which make the ubiquitously deformed grove all the more interesting. The tree’s hallmark twisting feature is just one of the many deformities within the aspen grove all working together to shed an unnatural and unnerving light on those inside of it. Heralded as one of the great botanical mysteries on earth, this site will keep you in awe for hours on end.

4.) St. Victor Petroglyphs

On the topic of great unsolved mysteries, the St. Victor Petroglyphs also need mentioning. The majestic outcropping features the engravings of Saskatchewan’s pre-contact people. They are thought to have been carved around 500 AD and then over the years, more tribes added to the engravings with various images of people, animals, and geometric patterns. Nobody knows for sure who created them or what they were created for. Some people believe the carvings or religious in nature, some favor the theory that the rock was used to boast about hunting exploits, while some say that the rock was a form of artistic expression. Even though the reason for the mysterious engravings on the rock is hard to come to an agreement on, the awe that’s inspired when in the presence of St. Victor’s petroglyphs is universal.


Whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman looking for new lands to conquer or simply in the mood for excitement and mystery, Saskatchewan’s unique blend of culture and nature is enough to satisfy every single type of traveler. Within its 250,000sq miles lies enough densely wooded forests, sprawling plains, burgeoning city centers, and historical and natural oddities to fill out more than a few extended vacations. The only thing left to decide is what type of adventure you’re looking for.