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7 Animal Attacks Caught On Camera

The apex predator of every food chain has shown time and time again that any attempt to domesticate them is a dangerous and potentially lethal concept. Even humans, in certain situations, can disregard their free will and return to their primal instincts. These next videos display all sorts of instances where the true nature of the predator is revealed when either threatened or teased with what seems to be an easy meal.

1. Don’t Mess with Pit Bulls

Instant karma videos are incredibly addicting and utterly satisfying, and the best videos on the internet allow room for a sense of revenge as well. Here, we see a man teasing a pit bull while the beast is chained down, and as one will find out, he is chained for a good reason.


2. Leopard Attacks Indian School

Leopards commonly make the mistake of wandering into civilization in search of food, and this cat is no exception. Roaming into a school, the leopard travels through the hallways and into the kitchen in search of something to eat. After being tranquilized, he is most likely scared to death, and begins to lash out in self defense.

3. Lion Attacks Toddler on Live TV

Captured live on TV in Mexico, a toddler is sitting on her mother’s lap as an adolescent lion is lying on the floor. The mother, along with the handlers, obviously did not imagine every possible situation that could have been emerged with the lion present, but when it comes a child’s safety, all options must be considered, no matter how crazy they may seem.

4. Leopard Attacks Villagers on Rooftop

Yet another leopard invading an Indian village, but this time he comesĀ out of a roof top in Ballarpur city and attacks the wildlife officials attempting to restrain him. A man is lucky to make an escape over a ledge as the leopard shreds his pants, almost bringing him back down into harm’s way.

5. Tiger Pounces on Man Riding Elephant

This clip displays one of the most famous tiger attacks ever captured on film. The victim was one of the forest rangers of Kaziranga National Park in India. It was taken in 2004, which may explain the grainy imagery, but the violent event is more than easily discerned.

6. Lion vs. Tiger

In this video, the age old question arises once more: who would win in a fight, a lion or a tiger? For some reason, both species are residing in the same enclosure, and upon watching a lioness creep too far into the tiger’s territory, the Bengal pounces on her. This age old question is then answered as the male lion takes action to protect his pride.

7. Cat Beats Bully Bird

When someone says “catlike reflexes”, one might imagine that the saying originates from a feline such as a lion or cheetah. Although everyday house cats are domesticated, they are not at all far from the predators from which they have evolved. This bird may be fast, but it is no match for the quickness of the cat.