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7 Favorite UNESCO World Heritage Sites In The US!

Statue of Liberty

Did you know the United States has a total of 21 UNESCO World Heritage sites.  Pretty cool, right?  After researching all of the various locations and taking a random survey from fellow TouristDigest.com members, we compiled a list of our 7 favorite sites in the U.S. and a few details on each.

Let’s get things started with a little place called Yellowstone.

1.) Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

The sheer size of the Yellowstone National Park makes it amazing. With more than 9,000 square kilometers of open and natural space, this is one park in the US where you will find geothermal wonders, geysers, and the best of American wildlife.

2.) Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is a majestic landscape carved by the Colorado River. This geological spectacle is over 2 billion years old – and it still doesn’t stop evolving.

3.) Independence Hall

Independence Hall

The US Declaration of Independence in 1776 was well preserved in the same hall where the most important document in American history was signed. Located in Philadelphia, this UNESCO site is indeed a must-see for anyone who wants to know more about American history. Technically speaking, it is in this hall where the United States of America was born.

4.) Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park

This park in Washington State is known for its diverse ecosystem. It has everything that you would ever want to see and explore – rainforest, river systems, mountains, coastline, and wilderness. This park is indeed the ultimate one-stop-shop for all nature lovers.

5.) Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

Who hasn’t heard of the Statue of Liberty? This enormous structure created by French sculptor Bartholdi, with a little help from Gustave Eiffel, stands right at the New York Harbor. Since its inauguration in 1886, it has welcomed millions visitors and immigrants to the US. This landmark is indeed one of the most popular attractions in America.

6.) Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii is where the most active and the most picturesque volcanoes are found. On this UNESCO World Heritage site, you’ll see two of them, namely the Kilauea and the Mauna Loa. These two volcanoes that overlook the Pacific Ocean stand at 1,250 meters and 4,170 meters high, respectively.

7.) Waterton Glacier International Peace Park

Waterton Glacier International Peace Park

The Waterton Glacier is the first international peace park in the world. This park sits between the borders of the US and Canada, and were combined together to create a large UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the US side, it lies within the boundaries of Montana. It used to be called the Glacier National Park.

On Canada’s side, more particularly in Alberta, it was previously called the Waterton Lakes National Park. This park is very rich in flora and fauna, while also offering forests, prairies, and glaciers as part of it ensemble.