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7 Haunted Ghost Towns You Can Visit

7 Haunted Ghost Towns You Can Visit

7 Haunted Ghost Towns You Can Visit

Ghost towns are spooky simply because they are abandoned and in a state of disrepair. Walking the streets of an empty town can stir the imagination of what once was. However, some ghost towns appear to be thriving even in the afterlife. Although any old ghost town can be spooky, some are believed to be booming with paranormal activity. Let’s take a look at a few haunted ghost towns.

St. Elmo, Colorado

St. Elmo is Colorado’s most famous ghost town. The town was founded in 1880 when people flocked there for gold and silver mining. However, the mining industry did not last long, and people abandoned the town. One family tried to keep the town alive by renting cabins and running a hotel and a general store. But some towns were meant to pass into the eons of time. According to visitors, some of the residents apparently stayed on. Doors slammed shut, and the temperature dropped in certain rooms of the hotel. People also reported apparitions of a woman in a white dress.

Grafton, Utah

Life was harsh and difficult in Grafton. However, the town flourished for a while. But Grafton seemed to be plagued with disease and accidents, and many people died. Eventually, it became a ghost town. However, visitors report that many of the past residents persist in Grafton, Utah. Visitors report the feeling of being watched and feeling someone’s breath on the back of their necks as if someone is right behind them. They also report ghostly footsteps and shadowy figures. The cemetery appears to be one of the most haunted places, where crying, laughing, and even screams can be heard.

Bode, California

Bode was a mining camp that became home to a population of 10,000 people at its peak. However, the town gradually went into decline and was fully abandoned by 1962. Many possessions were left behind, and visitors to Bode are sometimes tempted to take home an item or two. However, a curse supposedly follows those who take items from the town. Due to the curse, people often return the items along with their deeply felt apologies.

Deadwood, South Dakota

Deadwood blossomed into a boom town with the discovery of gold. However, the town became a haven for outlaws and gunslingers as well as miners. Along with its fair share of crime, the town suffered devastating fires and an outbreak of smallpox. The remnants of those who once lived there remain in the form of shadowy figures, voices, and footsteps. Visitors report plenty of paranormal activity in the abandoned hotels and saloons.

Terlingua, Texas

Terlingua was once a thriving mining town. However, conditions in the mine were tough, and many miners died. Once the mines dried up, people began to leave town. According to Wikipedia, as of 2020, 110 residents still call Terlingua home. There seems to be a strong supernatural presence alive and well there also. Visitors report that the church door opens on its own, and there is an eerie feeling inside. People also report blurred vision, dizziness, and disorientation. Is there a scientific explanation for these occurrences, or is it the work of ghosts? Only the residents of Terlingua know for sure.

Garnet, Montana

Garnet was a gold-rush town that thrived until a fire destroyed half the town in 1912. Afterward, the mines began producing less and eventually ran dry. People eventually abandoned the town leaving behind only memories of the past. Visitors report an eerie feeling in the town, however, and the sounds of laughter and music can be heard at the saloon. Perhaps, past residents are reliving the heyday of Garnet, Montana.

Bannack, Montana

Bannack was founded in 1862 when gold was discovered. At its peak, the population reached approximately 10,000 residents. However, the town was riddled with crime. The miners didn’t do as well as they expected, and their dreams of striking it rich diminished. Eventually, the mines went dry, and even though the crime rate dropped, the population dwindled. By 1960, the town was abandoned. The old mining town is now a national historic landmark. Visitors report cold spots, apparitions, and other paranormal activity at Bannack.


Ghost towns have a certain appeal whether they are haunted or not. We are often drawn to the past and wonder what life was like for those who lived in a different time and place. If you are fascinated by ghost towns, these are just a few that you will want to visit.