All the Slopes You Can Conquer With Your 2021-2022 Epic Pass -

All the Slopes You Can Conquer With Your 2021-2022 Epic Pass

Epic Pass Mountains



Vail spans more than 7 miles of legendary black bowls with over 5200 acres of terrain. This massive mountain has the most groomed trails in the world, with a variety of difficulties. Vail also has an incredible village, with some of the best shopping and dining you’ll ever find in a ski village. Vail hosts festivals and fun activities to keep the atmosphere light and exciting on and off the slopes.

Lifts: 39

Avg Snowfall: 354”

Trails: 195

Vertical Drop: 3450’

Beginner Trails: 35

Intermediate Trails: 57

Expert Trails: 103

Terrain Parks: 4


Keystone is composed of three peaks: Dercum Mountain, North Peak, and the Outback, all scraping the sky above 11,000 feet. Each of the peaks offers a different type of terrain, creating a natural separation of riders to allow for a variety of terrain types without much interference. Keystone also has a number of other winter activities to enjoy during your stay at the resort. Home to the world’s largest snow fort, a golf course, mountain-top snow tubing, sleigh rides, and ice skating, Keystone has something to offer for everyone!

Lifts: 20

Avg Snowfall: 235”

Trails: 128

Vertical Drop: 3128’

Beginner Trails: 20

Intermediate Trails: 55

Expert Trails: 53

Terrain Parks: 1

Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek is arguably the most luxurious of all the Colorado resorts. With an intimate village, legendary ski terrain and exceptional mountain resorts, Beaver Creek is a work of art. Beaver Creek focuses on perfection throughout the resort, from their immaculate grooming to their 5-star cuisine. Arguably the most incredible part of this resort, though, is the village. There’s nothing better than coming off the slopes to a relaxing, luxurious village filled with things to do. The all-around high quality of Beaver Creek makes it a destination for the ski community.

Lifts: 24

Avg Snowfall: 323”

Trails: 150

Vertical Drop: 3340’

Beginner Trails: 57

Intermediate Trails: 45

Expert Trails: 36

Terrain Parks: 3


Breckenridge is a quaint little town in Colorado with some of the most extraordinary skiing around. Breckenridge is also unique from other resorts in its eco-friendly focus. They have won a number of awards for their green efforts at Breckenridge, and are working towards a goal call their “Epic Promise.” Breckenridge hopes to achieve zero net emissions by 2030, making it, along with the other Vail resorts, the most environmentally-aware resorts in the world. And their focus on preservation doesn’t hinder the resort at all. With deep powder, incredible terrain, and friendly atmosphere, Breckenridge is an impeccable ski resort like no other.

Lifts: 34

Avg Snowfall: 300”

Trails: 187

Vertical Drop: 3398’

Beginner Trails: 23

Intermediate Trails: 112

Expert Trails: 52

Terrain Parks: 4

Crested Butte

Located in Colorado’s Grand Mesa Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests, Crested Butte is a sight to see. Nestled in a beautiful valley, the historic town of Crested Butte is a destination in itself. Throw in renowned mountain peaks and legendary ski terrain, and you’ve got quite the place to explore, both on and off the slopes.

Lifts: 15

Avg Snowfall: 300”

Trails: 162

Vertical Drop: 3062’

Beginner Trails: 29

Intermediate Trails: 81

Expert Trails: 52

Terrain Parks: 2


Arapahoe Basin

Arapahoe Basin is a legendary mountain. From its insane 13,050 foot summit to its incredibly long ski season, Arapahoe Basin is full of wonder. The mountain is impeccable from top to bottom. Over 100 expertly created trails run down the mountain. Fresh snow consistently floods the trails. Arapahoe Basin’s season runs from October to June, meaning it has one of the longest seasons in all of North America. So go, experience the legend of Arapahoe Basin.

Lifts: 9

Avg Snowfall: 350”

Trails: 145

Vertical Drop: 2530’

Beginner Trails: 10

Intermediate Trails: 100

Expert Trails: 35

Terrain Parks: 3




Heavenly is located in Tahoe, California, and everyone knows what that entails. Tahoe is the epitome of excellence and luxury, arguably in all of the US. Heavenly is fully aware of this standard and stops at nothing to maintain it. From Heavenly Mountain, you can see two breathtaking views: the high Nevada desert, and Lake Tahoe, America’s largest alpine lake. But the focus isn’t just on remarkable scenery and unmatched beauty, it’s also on the endless opportunity.  Heavenly offers more recreation and entertainment than any other ski resort of its caliber, with Vegas-style casinos, all-night dance clubs, and plenty more to keep you busy.

Lifts: 28

Avg Snowfall: 360”

Trails: 97

Vertical Drop: 3500’

Beginner Trails: 8

Intermediate Trails: 60

Expert Trails: 29

Terrain Parks: 2



Kirkwood is all about pure skiing adventure. Located within Lake Tahoe, California, Kirkwood is a common destination for California’s skiing elite. There are everlasting bowls, expert steeps, thrilling cliffs, and tons of other terrain options for a variety of skiers to enjoy, spreading across the 2,300 acres of terrain offered at Kirkwood. Plus, nobody enjoys skiing on those dark, icy, bone-chilling days that haunt skiers everywhere. Fortunately for you, though, Lake Tahoe gets 274 days of sunshine a year, giving you more than enough of those perfect sunny days.

Lifts: 15

Avg Snowfall: 354”

Trails: 86

Vertical Drop: 2000’

Beginner Trails: 10

Intermediate Trails: 26

Expert Trails: 50

Terrain Parks: 2



Park City

Park City is located just 35 minutes from Salt Lake City, and is the largest ski resort in the US! With a ridiculous 7,300 skiable acres, Park City will surely keep you busy. This exceptional resort offers tons of snow, quality mountain amenities, and an insane, world-class grooming system that can groom over 120 trails per night. What began as a mining mountain transformed into the pursuit of a new treasure, one Park City describes as “The Greatest Snow on Earth.”

Lifts: 41

Avg Snowfall: 355”

Trails: 348

Vertical Drop: 3200’

Beginner Trails: 28

Intermediate Trails: 150

Expert Trails: 170

Terrain Parks: 8



Mount Sunapee

Mount Sunapee is the premier ski area in Southern New Hampshire and is located just 90 minutes outside of Boston. The ski area overlooks lake Sunapee and is guaranteed to offer some of the Northeast’s most amazing attractions and most beautiful scenery. There’s also a guarantee for snow at Mount Sunapee, whether real or artificial. They offer the “Baddest snowmaking system in New England,” meaning you can ski your heart out without bad snowfall getting in your way.

Lifts: 10

Avg Snowfall: 100”

Trails: 66

Vertical Drop: 1510’

Beginner Trails: 20

Intermediate Trails: 37

Expert Trails: 9

Terrain Parks: 4


Okemo Mountain

Okemo mountain, located in Ludlow, Vermont, has quite the reputation for itself. The best guest service, impeccable grooming, incredible snow, gnarly terrain parks, and quality family programs are just a few of the immensely positive descriptions of Okemo Mountain. Okemo Mountain also separates itself with its focus on fun, unique activities. Okemo mountain is one of the few resorts to have a “mountain coaster,” and offer tons of amenities and adventure opportunities beyond the slopes.

Lifts: 20

Avg Snowfall: 200”

Trails: 121

Vertical Drop: 2200’

Beginner Trails: 39

Intermediate Trails: 44

Expert Trails: 38

Terrain Parks: 9



Stevens Pass

Just under 85 miles from Seattle, Stevens Pass sits within two national forests on Washington State’s Cascade Mountain Range. It is prone to excessive snowfall and offers astonishing terrain. Stevens pass also offers a Nordic center for cross country and snowshoeing trails. One of the most appealing parts of Stevens Pass, though, is the location. Skiing in the Pacific Northwest is an experience like no other. Due to the proximity of the ocean, the mountains generally contain much steeper lines, deeper days, and longer descents. Combining a quality resort with the unique ski characteristics of the Pacific Northwest makes for an unmatched skiing experience!

Lifts: 10

Avg Snowfall: 460”

Trails: 52

Vertical Drop: 1800’

Beginner Trails: 3

Intermediate Trails: 24

Expert Trails: 25

Terrain Parks: 4



Wilmot Mountain

If you’re living in the Midwest, skiing seems quite difficult. With primarily flat plains, it can be hard to enjoy the freedom and adventure that skiing and snowboarding provides. But not to worry, there’s a solution. Wilmot mountain is the place to ski in the Midwest. Located in Wisconsin, Wilmot hosts skiers from all over. Just a short drive away from Chicago and Milwaukee, Wilmot transforms the Midwest into a community of skiers. With a ski and snowboard school, innovative terrain parks, and state-of-the-art snowmaking, Wilmot is sure to make for an incredible trip.

Lifts: 7

Avg Snowfall: 70”

Trails: 23

Vertical Drop: 230’

Beginner Trails: 9

Intermediate Trails: 8

Expert Trails: 6

Terrain Parks: 2



Whistler Blackcomb

Located in Whistler, Canada, Whistler Blackcomb is the premier international resort offered by the epic pass. With a one mile vertical rise and 8,171 acres of skiable terrain, Whistler is sure to keep you interested. But Whistler is so much more than a big mountain, it’s got number one rankings, consistently deep snow, incredible terrain, a world-record gondola, and a beautiful slopeside mountain town. But the best of it all? Whistler is a year-round resort, so you can enjoy all the facets of this park, whenever you want.

Lifts: 26

Avg Snowfall: 458”

Trails: 257

Vertical Drop: 5234’

Beginner Trails: 52

Intermediate Trails: 107

Expert Trails: 98

Terrain Parks: 5



Perisher is the premier intercontinental resort of the Epic Pass. Located in the Kosciuszko National Park in NSW, it is the biggest ski destination in all of Australia. Perisher is composed of 7 peaks, 4 resort areas, a snowsports school, retail stores, a Skitube, and tons more. Perisher is also a constituent of Vail Resorts, meaning they too follow the epic promise, focusing on lowering their emissions. Perisher Village, as they call it, is more of a city than a village. Within this “village,” one can find an array of cafes shops and retail stores, as well as an ATM, Skitube terminal, medical center, pharmacy, and post office.

Lifts: 47

Avg Snowfall: 190”

Trails: 113

Vertical Drop: 1407’

Beginner Trails: 25

Intermediate Trails: 68

Expert Trails: 20

Terrain Parks: 5