Fortnite Guns in Real Life -

Fortnite Guns in Real Life

1. Suppressed Pistol = Beretta M9A3





Although not necessarily a fan favorite in Fortnite, the suppressed pistol certainly holds a special place in our hearts. However, the Beretta M9A3 was designed to perform on par with military standards. Essentially, this pistol was designed to perform well in any tactical or home defense situation.

2. Tactical Submachine Gun = Beretta PMX

Many people that play Fortnite love the Tactical Submachine Gun. Some even actually prefer it over a shotgun for short range action. The Beretta PMX packs just as big of a punch as its virtual counterpart. It is extremely lightweight and can fire bullets at insane speeds.

3. Revolver = Smith & Wesson 686 Plus

This gun is probably the least favored gun in Fortnite besides the basic pistol. It requires extreme accuracy to actually use effectively. The real version of this gun, the Smith & Wesson 686 Plus, is meant to withstand heavy use. Its used by many police officers and hunters because of its durability.

4. Pump Action Shotgun = Remington 870

This was our favorite before its recent nerf that made literally every aspect of the pump way worse. Let’s just remember the wonderful days when double pumping was a thing. On the other hand, the real pump shotgun, the Remington 870, is the most popular consumer gun in America. This gun is the epitome of American home protection.

5. Burst Assault Rifle = Century RAS47

Every Fortnite player knows the great feeling when you nail all three shots of a round using the Burst Assault Rifle. Many say that the legendary version of the Burst Assault Rifle is OP, and in real life this holds true. The century RAS47 holds a 30 round magazine and lets shots go at extreme accuracy because of its innovative rail mount.

6. Assault Rifle W/ Scope = AR15 W/ Scope

Everyone loves the Assault Rifle, and its scoped counterpart is amazing for taking down enemies from a distance. Its like the sniper, but there is no need to reload. The AR15 is an extremely powerful gun, almost being banned by the US for civilians.

7. Bolt Action Rifle = Accuracy International AWM

The Bolt Action Rifle is the most superior sniper in the game. It offers insane damage with maximum range when a juicy headshot is landed. The Accuracy International AWM is the real version of this gun and is also an amazing sniper. In fact, it has often been praised heavily by the American Sniper, Chris Kyle.

8. Legendary Assault Rifle = FN SCAR

The Assault Rifle is the most popular primary weapon in Fortnite. It offers a perfect balance of accuracy and damage. Whenever you open a chest and the legendary version pops out, it feels like Christmas morning. The FN SCAR is the real life version of this gun and is one of the most popular guns in the military.

9. Hand Cannon = Desert Eagle

Often talked about as a “meme” weapon, getting a kill with the hand cannon is extremely satisfying. The Desert Eagle has served as a long time favorite of action movie heroes and villains. Essentially everyone has heard of this gun because of its prevalence in pop culture.

10. Hunting Rifle = M14

Quickly becoming a popular choice over the snipers in the game, the hunting rifle allows you to do superior damage without losing range of view. The M14 was originally created for the US military and was the primary infantry weapon until the creation of the M16.