GoPro Backflip Over 72ft Canyon -

GoPro Backflip Over 72ft Canyon

Kelly McGarry’s Backflip During Red Bull Rampage 2013

Rarely are there people who can complete a backflip on this Red Bull challenge course, much less make an attempt at one. But Kelly McGarry pushed new boundaries with his extreme confidence and tore open a new appendage to the course located in Zion, Utah.

In this video, seeing is believing as you’re taken through all obstacles McGarry was forced to undertake and your heart will race as McGarry’s white knuckles bring the bike into full rotation.

If you are an aspiring extreme downhill MTB (Mountain Biker), make sure your courage is in a realistic ratio with your skill level. Although having the confidence is immensely important, if you aren’t able to pull off stunts like this, please practice and gradually move towards your goals. Do not try this at home: