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Iconic Adventures Await With Your 2021-2022 Ikon Pass

Ikon Mountains



In addition to it’s beautiful “champagne powder,” Steamboat has an incredible Olympic background. Steamboat Springs had produced 98 winter Olympians; more than any other town in North America. Located at 7,000 feet elevation in the Rockies Mountains of Colorado, Steamboat is an internationally-recognized resort with a plethora of activities year-round. With legendary snow, huge terrain, and a 450’ superpipe, anyone planning on skiing steamboat better be ready for an alpine adventure!

Lifts: 18

Avg Snowfall: 350”

Trails: 165

Vertical Drop: 3668’

Beginner Trails: 22

Intermediate Trails: 68

Expert Trials: 69

Terrain Parks: 3


Winter Park Resort

Winter Park Resort is the closest major mountain to Denver, Colorado, and is the only mountain in the U.S. with a train that stops at the base of the mountain. Winter Park’s 7 territories span 3,000 acres with incredible bumps and iconic bowls. Winter Park is also the longest continually operated resort in Colorado and offers trails for all levels of skiers. And for all you experts out there, check out Topher’s Treehouse and Topher’s Trees, two hidden gems that the locals keep secret for themselves. Just hop on the train and enjoy a unique, quality skiing experience!

Lifts: 25

Avg Snowfall: 348”

Trails: 168

Vertical Drop: 3060’

Beginner Trails: 39

Intermediate Trails: 63

Expert Trails: 59

Terrain Parks: 7

Secret Trails: 2


Copper Mountain

75 miles from Denver, Colorado, Copper Mountain features a divided terrain system with beginner trails to the east, intermediate in the middle, and expert to the west. This system makes Copper Mountain a Colorado favorite, and a prime destination for a large variety of skiers. Copper Mountain also offers many exciting activities outside of skiing such as tubing and their new Rocky Mountain Coaster. The Rocky Mountain Coaster is a single-person, gravity propelled mountain coaster traveling over 5800 feet of tracks and reaching speeds up to 25 miles per hour. Copper Mountain is not only home to an incredible skiing experience, but also tons of fun all over the mountain.

Lifts: 23

Avg Snowfall: 305”

Trails: 158

Vertical Drop: 2601

Beginner Trails: 45

Intermediate Trails: 87

Expert Trails: 26

Terrain Parks: 8


Eldora Mountain Resort

Located just outside of Boulder, Colorado, Eldora offers an extreme variety of terrain for all levels of skiers. Eldora is also home to four Woodward terrain parks, as well as Eldora’s Nordic Center. The Nordic Center is described as, “Colorado’s best-kept cross-country, skate skiing, and snowshoeing secret,” making Eldora Mountain Resort a unique place for winter sports fanatics of all sorts. They also host many events and competitions for skiers and snowboarders of all ages, catering to skiers of all levels and ages.

Lifts: 10

Avg Snowfall: 300”

Trails: 89

Vertical Drop: 1400’

Beginner Trails: 19

Intermediate Trails: 42

Expert Trails: 28

Terrain Parks: 4



Big Bear Mountain Resort

Located in Big Bear Lake, California, Big Bear Mountain resort is composed of two mountains. Bear Mountain contains 17 miles of rideable trails, and is also the originator of terrain parks, containing tons of parks for all levels to provide tons to do! Snow Mountain is the place to ski for families and beginners, as it is home to some of the biggest training facilities in California. With skiing and snowboarding, tubing, and a variety of events throughout the season, Big Mountain Bear Resort has a plethora of activities and ways to hit the slopes!

Lifts: 18

Avg Snowfall:100”

Trails: 62

Vertical Drop:1665’

Bear Mountain

Beginner Trails: 5

Intermediate Trails: 17

Advanced Trails: 3

Expert Trails: 2

Terrain Parks: 8

Snow Mountain

Beginner Trails: 6

Intermediate Trails: 19

Advanced Trails: 4

Expert Trails: 3

Terrains Parks: 6


June Mountain

June Mountain is located at June Lake, California. With small crowds and a small town, June Mountain offers the real mountain experience. As California’s premier family mountain, you’re guaranteed to have a blast with the whole family and have trails of all levels to carve your way down. There’s also soft, groomed powder and incredible tree runs to ensure that you have a variety of skiing or riding experiences without the frustration of wait lines. June Mountain offers an easy, quality skiing experience like no other!

Lifts: 18

Avg Snowfall: 250”

Trails: 41

Vertical Drop: 2590’

Beginner Trails: 6

Intermediate Trails: 15

Advanced Trails: 10

Expert Trails: 7

Terrain Parks: 3


Mammoth Mountain

Located in Mammoth Lake, California, Mammoth Mountain is home of the highest skiable terrain in all of California, boasting a summit of 11,503 feet. That combined with a ridiculous snowfall that lasts from November to July makes Mammoth Mountain one of the best rides available, all season long. But don’t forget about the legendary Unbound Terrain Park and an insane amount of trails to keep you busy!

Lifts: 28

Avg Snowfall: 400”

Trails: 150

Vertical Drop: 3100’

Beginner Trails: 21

Intermediate Trails: 72

Advanced Trails: 34

Expert Trails: 21

Terrain Parks: 7


Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

Home of the 1960 Winter Olympics and legendary KT-22 chairlift, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is an exclusive ski experience. Nestled in the beautiful valley of Lake Tahoe, CA, these two mountains offer endless trails and terrain to keep you riding all day. Alpine Meadows offers beauty, quality, and history, spanning over two massive mountains in one of the most incredible settings in the world.

Lifts: 43

Avg Snowfall: 450”

Trails: 233

Vertical Drop: 2850’


Beginner Trails: 16

Intermediate Trails: 35

Expert Trails: 82

Terrain Parks: 2


Beginner Trails: 0

Intermediate Trails: 40

Expert Trails: 54

Terrain Parks: 3



Solitude Mountain

Solitude Mountain Resort is in Utah’s Big Cottonwood Canyon, just 34 miles from Salt Lake City. It is also prone to ridiculous snowfall, resulting in deep powder season-long. There is also legendary in-bounds off-piste terrain to hike to that shows the true extent of this insane powder. Solitude doesn’t just aim to please powder-heads and ski-fanatics, though. This all-encompassing mountain even offers on-site daycare and a Snowsports Academy, meaning the whole family can enjoy the fun and adventure of Solitude Mountain.

Lifts: 8

Average Snowfall: 500+”

Trails: 79

Vertical Drop: 2494’

Beginner Trails: 7

Intermediate Trails: 34

Expert Trails: 38

Terrain Parks: 5



Snowshoe Mountain

Located in near Washington DC, West Virginia, Snowshoe Mountain has the most snowfall and open terrain in the southeast. It is one of the few unique “upside-down” mountains, meaning the shops, restaurants, and lodging is located at the top of the mountain. The mountain is composed of three areas with varying levels of trails, from catwalks to insane steeps. Snowshoe also offers famous night-skiing, giving you the chance to experience this amazing mountain all day, and all night.

Lifts: 14

Avg Snowfall: 180”

Trails: 59

Vertical Drop: 1500’

Beginner Trails: 24

Intermediate Trails: 19

Expert Trails: 16

Terrain Parks: 3



Stratton, also known as the “Birthplace of Snowboarding,” is located on the highest peak in Southern Vermont, offering trails of all levels on a variety of trails from a single summit. Stratton is ranked top 5 in terrain parks by USA Today, and 2nd in the east. Stratton offers everything a great resort requires: a variety of trail levels, ridiculous terrain parks, and an incredible slopeside village to top it all off.

Lifts: 11

Avg Snowfall: 180”

Trails: 97

Vertical Drop: 2003’

Beginner Trails: 38

Intermediate Trials: 30

Expert Trails: 26

Terrain Parks: 3




Crystal Mountain

Just outside of Mt. Rainier National Park, Crystal Mountain is the largest ski area in Washington. Crystal Mountain has tons to offer, ranging from its world-class skiing and snowboarding to the legendary Mt. Rainier Gondola. The journey doesn’t end with skiing, though, as Crystal’s close proximity to Mt. Rainier National Park provides a large variety of outdoor adventures. Crystal Mountain is also famous for its powder, boasting an insane amount of snowfall to get any skier or snowboarder excited.

Lifts: 10

Avg Snowfall: 486”

Trails: 57

Vertical Drop: 3100’

Beginner Trails: 7

Intermediate Trails: 37

Expert Trails: 13

Terrain Parks: 4




Located in Quebec, Canada, Tremblant is a four-season resort with one of the best ski-in/ski-out villages in the entirety of North America. Tremblant is a “fantastique” mountain for skiers of all levels. Home of the Tremblant Snow School, beginners can receive personalized instruction at their own pace, allowing them to begin their skiing journey in the best possible way. Offering 30 acres of freestyle terrain for all levels, there’s also ample space for the freestyle enthusiasts to trick for hours. “The mountain of the spirits” will surely fascinate even the biggest skiing fanatics with its European flair, incredible village, and ridiculous terrain.

Lifts: 14

Avg Snowfall: 192”

Trails: 96

Vertical Drop: 2116’

Beginner Trails: 22

Intermediate Trails: 60

Expert Trails: 14

Terrain Parks: 3