International Travel Destinations: Ten of the Safest Countries  -

International Travel Destinations: Ten of the Safest Countries 

International Travel Destinations Ten of the Safest Countries 

International Travel Destinations Ten of the Safest Countries 

Are you wary of traveling outside your own country because of the potential dangers in foreign places? Life is precious, and the world is becoming increasingly dangerous. Therefore, staying safe when you travel and explore new places is of vital significance. Of course, it is also preferable to travel to places where the local people are typically pleasant towards tourists. With these things in mind, here is a list of the ten safest countries, in no particular order:


Iceland is a chilly island country in northern Europe. In Iceland, most people have a decent standard of education. Additionally, the unemployment rate is low. There are strict laws against discrimination. The country has a low murder rate. The police do not need to carry guns, and there is no army.

Iceland is a superb travel destination for any fan of strangely beautiful natural scenery. The small island country boasts black beaches, volcanoes, geysers, lava fields, waterfalls, spectacular mountains, glaciers, craters, and green mosses. Furthermore, you can see the northern lights there. If you visit Iceland during the middle of summer, the sun never sets.

Generally speaking, Icelanders tend to be hardworking, kind, cultured, contented, open-minded, and tolerant of others.


If safety is a priority for you, Portugal is another travel destination to consider. Portugal does not have a high crime rate. Violent crime is uncommon in Portugal. Furthermore, the country has not seen much terrorism. Portugal enjoys a peaceful relationship with neighboring countries and is politically stable.

Portugal is a European country with a warm, sunny, and pleasant climate. It has diverse landscapes such as plateaus, crater lakes, lush vineyards, and rugged coastlines. It is the perfect country to visit if you enjoy wine, music festivals, beach sports such as surfing, and lovely people. Portuguese people are famously warm and hospitable, with a strong sense of family.


Singapore, Asia, is another safe travel destination to visit. Singapore has an efficient police force. Singaporeans are motivated to keep the crime rate low. The legal system in Singapore is strict yet straightforward. You can have fun exploring the city-state of Singapore without worrying about your safety and security.

Singapore appeals to tourists because it is a lush, green, modern city full of temples. The city-state also boasts some fabulous beaches and a vibrant, exciting nightlife.

Singapore is a melting pot of different cultures, such as Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Indian. Singaporeans are often determined, humorous, respectful, modern, efficient, and patriotic.


Austria is a safe European destination. Robbery, car theft, assault, and murders are rare in Austria. Furthermore, there has not been a significant amount of terrorism there. However, there are some instances of petty crime in Austria, so take safety precautions against pickpockets if you decide to visit the country.

Austria is an exciting destination for tourists regardless of what time of year you decide to visit. It is the perfect destination for skiing during the winter months. Because it has many lakes, Austria is the ideal country for swimming or enjoying watersports during summer. You can also take a relaxing walk along the romantic lake shorelines with friends and loved ones.

Austrians are typically friendly, humble, considerate, and artistic people who enjoy purposeful interactions rather than trivial conversations.


Denmark is a superb choice of destination for people who wish to remain safe on vacation. It has a low crime rate, brilliant infrastructure, and first-rate healthcare. The odds of a natural disaster occurring in Denmark are negligible.

Denmark is an ideal vacation destination for fans of cooking and culture. It is famed for fantastic architecture, peaceful ambiance, and impressive beaches. There are plenty of fascinating Viking ruins to visit in Denmark.

Danish people are generally laidback and amiable. However, they tend to observe specific protocols. For instance, you should attend meetings with Danes on time and call first to see if it is convenient before visiting them.


Switzerland is a well-organized country with a low crime rate and a stable political climate. Like most safe countries, Switzerland is a wealthy nation with an excellent education system and decent social welfare. Therefore, there is less motivation for people to commit crimes.

Switzerland is a super skiing destination during the winter months. The country also has some beautiful scenery, and it is full of lakes and mountains. In summer, people enjoy hiking in the mountains and doing watersports in the lakes.

Swiss people tend to be trustworthy, practical, and cooperative yet discreet. They have a strong sense of community and work together to keep everything looking beautiful and neat.

New Zealand 

New Zealand was once a place where you could leave things unlocked without worrying about theft. Although this might not be true today, New Zealand is still a comparatively safe country to visit. Furthermore, New Zealand has political transparency, and its government is considered honest and trustworthy.

New Zealand has breathtaking scenery, and visitors will find many activities to keep them amused, such as surfing, body boarding on dunes, and exploring Māori culture. New Zealand has delicious wines and food, too.

In general, Kiwis are relaxed, friendly, fun-loving, sporty, adventurous people who welcome visitors to New Zealand with open arms.

Czech Republic 

Several factors make the Czech Republic a safe place for visitors to explore. The Czech Republic has a low threat of terrorism and does not see much crime. It is not easy to access a weapon in the Czech Republic, and their health care system is effective.

If exploring old castles is your thing, the Czech Republic is the country for you. The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague, is also worth visiting because it has architecture from several periods of history. Moreover, Prague is renowned for its culture and spectacular zoo.

If you visit the Czech Republic, you can expect the Czechs to be hospitable, jolly, and pleasant people who take good care of visitors.


Canada is another relatively safe travel destination. Although there is some petty crime, the overall crime rate in Canada is not at all high. Canada boasts an efficient, dependable police force. They respond to calls rapidly when someone reports a crime.

Canada is a place you should visit if you appreciate the outdoors. Canada has some awe-inspiring mountains, glaciers, forests, and lakes. You can see the northern lights from there, too. At the same time, Canada is a place you might like to explore if you enjoy experiencing sophisticated, multicultural cities.

Canadian people have an excellent reputation for being diligent, good-natured, educated, optimistic, polite, and tolerant.


Harmony and unity are significant Japanese virtues, and crime prevention in Japan is so efficient that even petty crimes such as theft are rare. As a result, residents and visitors are safe in Japan.

Japan has a unique culture, stunning natural scenery such as Mount Fuji, breathtaking temples, delicious food, vibrant cities, fantastic shopping facilities, gorgeous flowers, and state-of-the-art luxury hotels.

Conscientious and respectful Japanese people pride themselves on being polite and hospitable to visitors, so you are sure to feel welcome if ever you decide to visit.

Go Exploring 

After reading about some of the world’s safest countries with the most welcoming people, hopefully, you feel ready for some international exploration. Does one of the destinations appeal more than the others? If so, why not do further research online to find out about prices and arrange an itinerary? It is never too late to enjoy a safe international vacation that you will remember for the rest of your life.