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The Best Eco-Friendly Gear For Backpackers

Life is an adventure. For some of us, one of the greatest adventures to be had in life is backpacking. Many people undergo this challenging and exciting activity, trekking deep into the wilderness with nothing but a backpack to keep them sustained. While the holidays may be over, perhaps there’s a special backpacker in your life who would like a gift that’s both good for the environment as much as it is practical for an extreme expedition in the outdoors. Here are five products that will bring a smile to that special backpacker in your life and to the environment.

Perhaps the most basic necessity for backpacking, or hiking in general, is a pair of sturdy boots. Waterproof boots like the KEEN Targhee III Waterproof Mid is an excellent choice for those who will venture across streams and marshes as they backpack. The KEEN is also a very eco-friendly boot in that it boasts a Leather Working Certification which means that they don’t waste water and use leather from vetted suppliers.

Nothing is worse than a jacket that doesn’t keep you warm and dry on a long backpacking trip. The only thing worse is that the jacket uses a DWR, a toxic material for rain shells on jackets. With the Marmot Eclipse Jacket, you can stay dry and not have to worry about wearing a jacket with DWR. Instead, the Marmot uses a PFC-free laminate and recycled nylon.

Who doesn’t love a good, solid t-shirt? It can be worn anywhere and when the time comes for the temperatures to rise during an intense backpacking trip, a t-shirt can be a literal lifesaver. How about a shirt that’s so eco-friendly that it’s made from reused coffee grounds? The Vaude Gleann Shirt uses coffee grounds for quick liquid absorption and breathable recycled polyester.

The most important part of backpacking: the pack. There are so many in the world, but you want a pack that is durable as much as it’s kind to the environment. The Truce Drop Liner uses recycled boat sails, the kind that can sustain the ocean’s winds. The Truce is also equipped with waterproof nylon to keep all of your valuables safe from rain. Equip yourself with a pack as sturdy as you!

Regular jeans are usually comfortable attire for an ordinary outing. A regular pair of jeans simply isn’t going to do for someone who is going to be trekking around mountain trails and rocky terrain. How about a recycled pair of trousers fit for the hardiest journey? Fjällräven Keb Trousers are made from waste materials. They keep out the PFCs during the manufacturing of these special pants so that the only impact they make on the Earth is a uniquely positive one.

5 Gifts Any Backpacker Is Sure To Love!

As the holiday season approaches, people everywhere are struggling to choose the perfect gifts for the important people in their lives. Help the backpacker in your life get trail-ready this giving season with some of the best gear on the market right now!

Just Say No to Frostbite

Keep fingers from freezing with a pair of Backcountry x Black Diamond skintrack gloves. While originally intended for skiing, these gloves have a lot more to offer. The lightweight, breathable material of the gloves prevents hands from overheating, while the water-resistant coating keeps you in comfort. In addition, you can still ‘gram that perfect photo using the helpful touch-screen compatible fingers.

Don’t Forget the Snacks


Another great piece of gear is the ECO Adventure Kit, a 3-piece stainless steel storage solution for all your snacks and meals. The three parts snap together for easy packing and use. It comes with a stainless steel spork, and can even become a cooking pot! Talk about a space saver!

Here Comes the Sun

This is it. The lighting is perfect. The view is amazing. Everyone is ready. And… wait. Your phone just died. All the high-tech phone camera’s and equipment in the world can’t help you if your phone dies at the precise moment you were about to take that one picture that completely captures everything your adventure has meant to you.

With the Tough Tested Bigfoot 24,000 mAh Solar Power Bank, you’ll never have to worry about missing the moment again. It has enough capacity to charge most smartphones at least 8 times. Throw in the ability to recharge using only the power of the sun, and you might never need to come back home.

Science Can Be Magical

A thermos is a thermos is a thermos, right? Well not always. The Cauldryn Mug is so much more. This travel mug is Bluetooth controlled through your phone to keep your drink at the exact temperature you love. Forgot your kettle? No problem. The Cauldryn can boil water and even cook freeze-dried foods! With long battery life and easy to use controls, it’s sure to be a favorite.

The Call in the Wild

Phones are a great way to share our adventures with the world. Everyone shares the hatred of “dead zones” where cell reception is nothing more than a faint hope. Unfortunately, many of the most interesting places to explore are found in these “dead zones”. Enter the Weboost Drive Sleek. This device helps phones connect to cell service in places it normally couldn’t due to poor signal strength. Now the important backpacker in your life can update you every night— just like they promised they would.

So, whether you’re chasing adventure half-way across the world, or just in the local park, having the right gear can take the experience to a whole new level. With your bag now packed, the only thing left to do is get out there and explore!

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Biolite Energy: Innovative Camping Gear

Biolite Energy sells really unique products across the board. There aren’t a lot of companies that produce multi-purpose stoves. But impressively, Biolite does. The Camp Stove 2 and the Cook Stove both use superb engineering to use the heat that’s generated by the stove to charge a battery (which ultimately you can use to charge your electronics).

Biolite’s impressive use of renewable biomass and solar energy makes their products significantly more sustainable than most camp gear. Rather than tossing batteries that have a limited life, Biolite technology offers a ton of reusable camping options.

The company’s goal is to bring energy everywhere™, and they’re planning on doing it in a sustainable way. And they’re succeeding. Not only has Biolite Energy transformed camping as we know it, they’re having a global impact by bringing this technology to far away places. Because energy isn’t just a convenience, it’s also related to health, climate change and overall growth. So what products do they sell?

Biolite Highlights
1-year limited warranty
Biolite stoves use renewable biomass (sticks, pine cones)
Dunk proof batteries

Biolite’s Camp Stove 2

Camp Stove 2
Biolite Camp Stove 2

MSRP: $129.95
Weight: 2.06 lbs (935 g)

I had the opportunity to take the CampStove 2, the Kettle Pot and their Coffee Press out to Utah for about a month.

These products never ceased to surprise me with their efficiency. All of this gear packs down to an impressively small size (you can put the stove and coffee press inside the kettle pot).

The Cook Stove

MSRP: $79.95
Weight: 1.6 lbs

The Cook Stove is the older version of the Camp Stove 2. While it’s still incredibly impressive, it’s a little less efficient than the Camp Stove 2.

The dashboard is a little bit different than the Camp Stove 2’s dashboard. And it produces about 50% less energy. But it still offers the same type of innovation.

The Base Camp Stove

MSRP: $199.95
Weight: 17.92 lbs

The Base Camp Stove uses all of the same concepts as the Cook Stove and the Camp Stove 2. It’s just a bigger stove. So you can use small pieces of firewood and branches to fuel your stove. This option would be best used in a long-term camping or backyard setting.

Stove Accessories

Coffee Press – $14.95

Kettle Pot – $49.95

Portable Grill – $59.95


Biolite brings some game-changing options to the table when it comes to power. Varying from efficient solar panels to rechargeable batteries, these products make your journey a lot easier.

Solar Panels

Solar Panel
Solar Panel 10+


Solar Panel 5+
5 Watt panel. You can charge all of your basic electronics using a panel like this.

Solar Panel 5
Removes the battery for a minimal option. Powers phones, tablets, basic electronics. 12 ounces. USB port.

Solar Panel 10+
This setup offers 10 watts of usable electricity.

Biolite Batteries

Charge 40
Biolite Charge 40

Charge 10, 20 and 40
2600 mAh- 10400 mAh

Biolite has a number of rechargeable batteries that vary in size and weight. And they’re all very competitive with similar products.

Biolite Energy’s Lighting Options

While you can always go with a traditional headlamp when you’re on an adventure, it’s kind of exciting to know that there are products like lanterns and solar homes to add a sustainable twist.

$24.95 – $129.95 The new SunLight is self-reliant. It packs down easily. Other lantern options have rechargeable batteries. All of them are above average in terms of efficiency and re-usability.

String Lights
$19.95 – $29.95 Varying from string lights to a little orb, these are a nice option for adding some style and efficient lighting to your setup.

Biolite Solar Home
The Biolite Solar Home

Solar Home 620
$149.95  The Solar Home 620 is a bundle of a bunch of products. The package includes a solar-powered light, a battery, and a radio. It’s basically your home away from home.

Final Thoughts About Biolite Camp Gear

The cool thing about BioLite’s products is that they complement each other very well. Meaning you could use one of their batteries to power their lights. And if you’re using a stove, you can use the heat to power the battery. The engineering of these products is second to none.

Biolite’s line of energy-optimizing products are really innovative. If you spend a decent amount of time road tripping or backpacking in groups, the weight and cost of this gear is totally worth it.


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