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The Best Eco-Friendly Gear For Backpackers

Life is an adventure. For some of us, one of the greatest adventures to be had in life is backpacking. Many people undergo this challenging and exciting activity, trekking deep into the wilderness with nothing but a backpack to keep them sustained. While the holidays may be over, perhaps there’s a special backpacker in your life who would like a gift that’s both good for the environment as much as it is practical for an extreme expedition in the outdoors. Here are five products that will bring a smile to that special backpacker in your life and to the environment.

Perhaps the most basic necessity for backpacking, or hiking in general, is a pair of sturdy boots. Waterproof boots like the KEEN Targhee III Waterproof Mid is an excellent choice for those who will venture across streams and marshes as they backpack. The KEEN is also a very eco-friendly boot in that it boasts a Leather Working Certification which means that they don’t waste water and use leather from vetted suppliers.

Nothing is worse than a jacket that doesn’t keep you warm and dry on a long backpacking trip. The only thing worse is that the jacket uses a DWR, a toxic material for rain shells on jackets. With the Marmot Eclipse Jacket, you can stay dry and not have to worry about wearing a jacket with DWR. Instead, the Marmot uses a PFC-free laminate and recycled nylon.

Who doesn’t love a good, solid t-shirt? It can be worn anywhere and when the time comes for the temperatures to rise during an intense backpacking trip, a t-shirt can be a literal lifesaver. How about a shirt that’s so eco-friendly that it’s made from reused coffee grounds? The Vaude Gleann Shirt uses coffee grounds for quick liquid absorption and breathable recycled polyester.

The most important part of backpacking: the pack. There are so many in the world, but you want a pack that is durable as much as it’s kind to the environment. The Truce Drop Liner uses recycled boat sails, the kind that can sustain the ocean’s winds. The Truce is also equipped with waterproof nylon to keep all of your valuables safe from rain. Equip yourself with a pack as sturdy as you!

Regular jeans are usually comfortable attire for an ordinary outing. A regular pair of jeans simply isn’t going to do for someone who is going to be trekking around mountain trails and rocky terrain. How about a recycled pair of trousers fit for the hardiest journey? Fjällräven Keb Trousers are made from waste materials. They keep out the PFCs during the manufacturing of these special pants so that the only impact they make on the Earth is a uniquely positive one.