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5 Hiking Boots To Keep You Warm This Winter

Is it possible to hike during the cold winter months? If you ask an avid hiker, they will agree there is nothing better than being outdoors in the winter season, walking in the snow and being surrounded by nature.

But it can be difficult to find the best hiking boots and snow boots to safely navigate the sleet and snowy weather conditions. Luckily, we have gathered five comfortable, sturdy boots to take on your next hiking trip. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors.

Perfect For Frozen Puddles

For navigating icy trails, we recommend the Garmont Momentum WP Mid. The specialized boots grip onto frozen puddles, hard-packed snow, and slush. According to one reviewer, “I never had to grab the nearest tree to hold myself up.”

With a rubber outsole, the boots are studded with tiny fiberglass particles, which provide perfect traction on the slickest hiking trails. The boots also warm your toes on the coldest winter days. A thin strip of webbing wraps around the boot’s heel and cinches tightly, comforting your toes for a snug fit.

Best Pick For Mountain Climbers

These boots are for the most skilled hikers. The La Sportiva Trango Tower Extreme GTX appeals to mountain climbers, but it’s also attractive to the more amateur hikers. While it’s not the warmest boot on our list, the boots have insulated lining, which provides more heat during the winter season.

The Extreme is lighter than most boots, offering more comfort on the longest ice and mountain-climbing adventures. The boots are compatible with every hiker. If you believe there’s a hiking boot for everyone, this is the boot for you.

Something Special For Trail Runners

Who says you can’t run in the winter months? The Salewa Speed Beat Gore-Tex is the perfect running shoe to handle harsh weather conditions. The shoe’s rubber Pomoca outsole withstood slush and muddy conditions.

If you’re preparing for a treacherous trail run, don’t worry. The Speed Beat’s durability will assist in your travels. Even if you’re running at a fast rate with rocks and debris, the shoes have a snug heel, so you’ll never slip.

Perfect for Snowy Hikes

Maybe you love to hike in the snow, but you’re unsure about the best boots to wear for the snow-covered trails. The Keen Terradora Wintershell boot keeps your toes snug and warm without excess bulk, making it popular for female customers.

The boots are made of charcoal bamboo insulation, making them warm, but they’re the lightest shoes on our list. If they get wet, they dry faster than others with its waterproof membrane.

Just Like Bedroom Slippers

You probably don’t think hiking and snow boots can feel like your bedroom slippers, but that was before you wore the Danner Mountain 600 Insulated winter boots. The boots have a fleece lining, adding a sense of comfort unseen in other boots.

Rubber in the boot’s midsole adds more durability, and a waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry. So, even if you’re hiking in the deepest snowfields, your feet will stay warm and snug in the best snow boots this winter season.