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Watch: Father vs Son | Off-road Karts to the Extreme

What happens when you pit a 55 year-old racing legend against his own son?

Carlos Sainz has won the Dakar Rally and is a two time winner of the World Rally Championship. He retired from racing 13 years ago. 

His son, Carlos Sainz Jr. is no schmutz, either. Sainz Jr. is a professional Formula 1 driver and has was born in competition.

“We’re very competitive. Whenever we race it’s always to the death!” – Sainz Jr.

Image from RedBullRacing.com

As a F1 driver, the younger Sainz is accustomed to racing cars with lots of downforce and wearing huge slick tires. Unlike his father, Sainz Jr. doesn’t have professional off-road racing experience. But hey, it’s in his DNA.

To make it a fair race, we’ve given them matching machinery: two off-road karts weighing just 660 lbs and boasting 170bhp.

Image from RedBullRacing.com

Driving these karts is all about feeling the track underneath you. You feel it through the steering wheel and through your bum. It’s different, but I really enjoy it. – Sainz Jr. before the race.

Image from RedBullRacing.com

So who will win? The retired veteran or the fearless son? Watch them go head to head in the Red Bull Racing video below: