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Biolite Energy: Innovative Camping Gear

Biolite Energy sells really unique products across the board. There aren’t a lot of companies that produce multi-purpose stoves. But impressively, Biolite does. The Camp Stove 2 and the Cook Stove both use superb engineering to use the heat that’s generated by the stove to charge a battery (which ultimately you can use to charge your electronics).

Biolite’s impressive use of renewable biomass and solar energy makes their products significantly more sustainable than most camp gear. Rather than tossing batteries that have a limited life, Biolite technology offers a ton of reusable camping options.

The company’s goal is to bring energy everywhere™, and they’re planning on doing it in a sustainable way. And they’re succeeding. Not only has Biolite Energy transformed camping as we know it, they’re having a global impact by bringing this technology to far away places. Because energy isn’t just a convenience, it’s also related to health, climate change and overall growth. So what products do they sell?

Biolite Highlights
1-year limited warranty
Biolite stoves use renewable biomass (sticks, pine cones)
Dunk proof batteries

Biolite’s Camp Stove 2

Camp Stove 2
Biolite Camp Stove 2

MSRP: $129.95
Weight: 2.06 lbs (935 g)

I had the opportunity to take the CampStove 2, the Kettle Pot and their Coffee Press out to Utah for about a month.

These products never ceased to surprise me with their efficiency. All of this gear packs down to an impressively small size (you can put the stove and coffee press inside the kettle pot).

The Cook Stove

MSRP: $79.95
Weight: 1.6 lbs

The Cook Stove is the older version of the Camp Stove 2. While it’s still incredibly impressive, it’s a little less efficient than the Camp Stove 2.

The dashboard is a little bit different than the Camp Stove 2’s dashboard. And it produces about 50% less energy. But it still offers the same type of innovation.

The Base Camp Stove

MSRP: $199.95
Weight: 17.92 lbs

The Base Camp Stove uses all of the same concepts as the Cook Stove and the Camp Stove 2. It’s just a bigger stove. So you can use small pieces of firewood and branches to fuel your stove. This option would be best used in a long-term camping or backyard setting.

Stove Accessories

Coffee Press – $14.95

Kettle Pot – $49.95

Portable Grill – $59.95


Biolite brings some game-changing options to the table when it comes to power. Varying from efficient solar panels to rechargeable batteries, these products make your journey a lot easier.

Solar Panels

Solar Panel
Solar Panel 10+


Solar Panel 5+
5 Watt panel. You can charge all of your basic electronics using a panel like this.

Solar Panel 5
Removes the battery for a minimal option. Powers phones, tablets, basic electronics. 12 ounces. USB port.

Solar Panel 10+
This setup offers 10 watts of usable electricity.

Biolite Batteries

Charge 40
Biolite Charge 40

Charge 10, 20 and 40
2600 mAh- 10400 mAh

Biolite has a number of rechargeable batteries that vary in size and weight. And they’re all very competitive with similar products.

Biolite Energy’s Lighting Options

While you can always go with a traditional headlamp when you’re on an adventure, it’s kind of exciting to know that there are products like lanterns and solar homes to add a sustainable twist.

$24.95 – $129.95 The new SunLight is self-reliant. It packs down easily. Other lantern options have rechargeable batteries. All of them are above average in terms of efficiency and re-usability.

String Lights
$19.95 – $29.95 Varying from string lights to a little orb, these are a nice option for adding some style and efficient lighting to your setup.

Biolite Solar Home
The Biolite Solar Home

Solar Home 620
$149.95  The Solar Home 620 is a bundle of a bunch of products. The package includes a solar-powered light, a battery, and a radio. It’s basically your home away from home.

Final Thoughts About Biolite Camp Gear

The cool thing about BioLite’s products is that they complement each other very well. Meaning you could use one of their batteries to power their lights. And if you’re using a stove, you can use the heat to power the battery. The engineering of these products is second to none.

Biolite’s line of energy-optimizing products are really innovative. If you spend a decent amount of time road tripping or backpacking in groups, the weight and cost of this gear is totally worth it.


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