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First Woman Completes The Calendar-Year Triple Crown Hiking Trip

Only five men have ever managed to complete the adventurous Triple Crown of hiking—the longest, most treacherous hike of all time—in less than 365 days. For many, traveling across the globe in this short length of time is an impossible feat, but the first woman has just completed the Triple Crown, in a record-breaking 251 days.

The Most Gorgeous, Intense Hike Ever

The Triple Crown is the most intense hike ever invented. In order to complete the journey, one must hike the 2,190-mile Appalachian, 2,650-mile Pacific Crest, and 3,100-mile Continental Divide trails. Each trail normally takes five or six months to complete, allowing the average hiker up to three years to attempt the Triple Crown.


But the most adventurous hikers, they attempt to walk each trail in one year—a challenge known as the Calendar-Year Triple Crown. This would be one of the most gorgeous travels, and on November 8, the first woman, Heather “Anish” Anderson, became the sixth person to complete this feat.

Famous For Her Hikes

Anderson is a recognizable name with hikers. Before her recent trip, she’d already attempted the Trip Crown two times. She broke the record for Fastest Known Time (FKT) for the Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail.


But she wasn’t going to stop there. She was determined to complete the Triple Crown in less than a year to honor the 50th anniversary of the National Trail System Act, an act to establish trails in urban and rural settings for people of all ages, interests, skills, and physical abilities.

Anderson said, “These trails have been really important in my life and in my hiking career.”

A Question Before She Left

Anderson’s hiking trip began on the Appalachian Trail on March 1, 2018. But before she could begin her journey, her boyfriend had an important question for her.


He proposed to her on Springer Mountain right when the couple reached the top. He had to ask her to marry him before the dangerous trip, and she happily said yes.

Beginning The Long Trek

After the proposal, Anderson started walking, first north on the Appalachian Trail until May, exiting at the Connecticut River in New Hampshire. Then, she spent a few weeks on the Continental Divide trails before starting on the Pacific Crest Trail, where she walked with her fiancé as he worked to complete his first Triple Crown.


In August, the couple continued south in Glacier National Park to northern Colorado. Then, in October, they were back to the Appalachian Trail to walk south from Maine to New Hampshire before making her way through the Midwest to Colorado again.

Then, Anderson hiked her last few miles on November 8 to her final destination: Grants, New Mexico.

Overcoming The Challenges

Anderson’s trip wasn’t easy. While you would think the terrains would be dangerous (and they were), the real challenge was the severe weather conditions. Spring and fall months are hazardous seasons in the mountains. Anderson faced icy rain, flooding, thunderstorms, and more.

But no matter what conditions she faced, Anderson successfully completed the Calendar-Year Triple Crown on November 8, in a record-breaking 251 days, 20 hours, and 10 minutes. She was obviously relieved to accomplish her goal.


Now, she can enjoy controlled climates, regular showers, write a book, and start planning her wedding.

5 Hiking Boots To Keep You Warm This Winter

Is it possible to hike during the cold winter months? If you ask an avid hiker, they will agree there is nothing better than being outdoors in the winter season, walking in the snow and being surrounded by nature.

But it can be difficult to find the best hiking boots and snow boots to safely navigate the sleet and snowy weather conditions. Luckily, we have gathered five comfortable, sturdy boots to take on your next hiking trip. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors.

Perfect For Frozen Puddles

For navigating icy trails, we recommend the Garmont Momentum WP Mid. The specialized boots grip onto frozen puddles, hard-packed snow, and slush. According to one reviewer, “I never had to grab the nearest tree to hold myself up.”

With a rubber outsole, the boots are studded with tiny fiberglass particles, which provide perfect traction on the slickest hiking trails. The boots also warm your toes on the coldest winter days. A thin strip of webbing wraps around the boot’s heel and cinches tightly, comforting your toes for a snug fit.

Best Pick For Mountain Climbers

These boots are for the most skilled hikers. The La Sportiva Trango Tower Extreme GTX appeals to mountain climbers, but it’s also attractive to the more amateur hikers. While it’s not the warmest boot on our list, the boots have insulated lining, which provides more heat during the winter season.

The Extreme is lighter than most boots, offering more comfort on the longest ice and mountain-climbing adventures. The boots are compatible with every hiker. If you believe there’s a hiking boot for everyone, this is the boot for you.

Something Special For Trail Runners

Who says you can’t run in the winter months? The Salewa Speed Beat Gore-Tex is the perfect running shoe to handle harsh weather conditions. The shoe’s rubber Pomoca outsole withstood slush and muddy conditions.

If you’re preparing for a treacherous trail run, don’t worry. The Speed Beat’s durability will assist in your travels. Even if you’re running at a fast rate with rocks and debris, the shoes have a snug heel, so you’ll never slip.

Perfect for Snowy Hikes

Maybe you love to hike in the snow, but you’re unsure about the best boots to wear for the snow-covered trails. The Keen Terradora Wintershell boot keeps your toes snug and warm without excess bulk, making it popular for female customers.

The boots are made of charcoal bamboo insulation, making them warm, but they’re the lightest shoes on our list. If they get wet, they dry faster than others with its waterproof membrane.

Just Like Bedroom Slippers

You probably don’t think hiking and snow boots can feel like your bedroom slippers, but that was before you wore the Danner Mountain 600 Insulated winter boots. The boots have a fleece lining, adding a sense of comfort unseen in other boots.

Rubber in the boot’s midsole adds more durability, and a waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry. So, even if you’re hiking in the deepest snowfields, your feet will stay warm and snug in the best snow boots this winter season.

5 Places To Explore Near Rapid City, SD That Aren’t Mount Rushmore

When you think of tourist destinations in the United States, you wouldn’t think of Rapid City, South Dakota. It’s not on your bucket list. But you would be surprised just how many tourists travel to South Dakota’s second largest city every year to visit the gateway to Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills.

However, there’s more to explore in Rapid City than just Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills. Instead, you can roam the prairie with buffalo, go on archaeological digs, hike, camp, and kayak. Luckily, we have your complete list of fun destinations in and around Rapid City for the whole family. Schedule your next vacation to South Dakota!

Badlands National Park

Located about an hour southeast of Rapid City, Badlands National Park is a popular destination for those who love hiking and exploring the great outdoors. Its landscapes span several rock formations, steep canyons, and towering spires. You can also meet South Dakota’s native bison, bighorn sheep, and prairie dogs as you explore the grasslands.

You can take the Badlands Loop Road to look at the scenic lands. Luckily, there are several trails for hiking, where you may stumble upon uncovered fossils in the park.

Caving At Wind Cave National Park

Caving is one of the most popular family trips, and South Dakota offers two of the longest caves in the world. The Wind Cave National Park near Hot Springs and Jewel Cave National Monument near Custer in the historic Black Hills allow explorers to travel up to 180 miles underneath the ground.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty near unique rock formations, beautiful crystals, and more. A guided tour is available, and Wild Caving Tours gives viewers a realistic caving experience.

Canoeing And Kayaking

One of the best ways to experience South Dakota’s stunning picturesque views is to canoe and kayak on the waters of the Black Hills and Badlands. Thankfully, canoeing is allowed on the majority of lakes and rivers in South Dakota, including Angostura Recreation Area, Bear Butte Lake, Custer State Park, and more.

The best times of the year to canoe and kayak are in the spring and early summer seasons when the water flows at its best. Go canoeing and you’re ready for an amazing adventure.

Custer State Park

Speaking of Custer State Park, it’s another location you must visit. Located in Custer, South Dakota (40 minutes south of Rapid City), the 110-square-mile park is the home of buffalo in grasslands and granite cliffs.

No trip to South Dakota would be complete without seeing the breathtaking country, but also the animals that call the land “home.”

Snowmobiling Trails For Everyone

If you’re visiting South Dakota during the winter months, you probably wonder if there’s anything to do in the snow. Contrary to what you think, there’s plenty to do to calm cabin fever, including snowmobiling.

With more than 1,500 miles of snowmobile trails, South Dakota offers the best trails for snowmobiling. If you feel the need for speed, while playing in the snow, South Dakota is the next destination for you.

For other unexpected opportunities for adventure, check out Québec City, Canada where activities to keep you immersed in nature abound.

Best Locations For Geocaching Adventures

Calling all nature fans and adventure-seekers! If you’re not already geocaching, what are you waiting for? Geocaching has become a global phenomenon, and it’s most popular with hikers and individuals who are looking for new ways to explore the great outdoors.

But what exactly is geocaching? Where are the best places to navigate?

What’s Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor adventure happening all throughout the world. Millions of participants use the Geocaching app or a GPS device to search for cleverly hidden containers, marked as geocaches. Millions of geocaches exist in over 190 countries, and they’re waiting to be discovered by you.

Starting in 2000, geocaching has become a real-life scavenger hunt for those who actively search for adventures. Geocaches come in all different shapes, sizes, and they’re hidden in some of the most beautiful locations across the globe.

How Do You Get Started?

Geocaching is easy and offers something for everyone. Anyone can participate, as long as you have a desire for adventure. But you’re probably wondering: how do you get started?

To get started, you will need to create a free basic account on Geocaching.com or download the free Geocaching app on your mobile device. From there, you can search for geocache spots near your current location. The Geocaching app will let you know where geocache spots are located across the globe. All you have to do now is travel and search for the exact locations.

Sign The Logbook

Geocaching is more than just a scavenger hunt for yourself; it’s a global community. Millions of people across the globe are traveling to the exact same spot as you to find a geocache box. Once you find a geocache, you must open it and sign the logbook. Read where everyone else has traveled from. Geocaching helps you understand the world is actually very small.

Inside the geocaches, you may discover some trade items (small toys, keychains, trinkets, etc.). You may take these items and leave something of equal or greater value in its place. After you’re done, place the container back exactly where you found it. Share your experience online and join the global geocaching community.

Best Places To Geocache

Are you ready to participate in this real-life treasure hunt? Luckily, there are multiple fun, adventurous places to explore through geocaching. But just in case you desire to explore the most beautiful locations, here’s our list of the best places to geocache.

The countryside of Worcestershire, England

There are four geocaches in Clent Hills (Worcestershire, England) that provide the best view of the English countryside. There aren’t that many geocaches in Russia, but St. Petersburg offers a gorgeous view. While you’re in Asia, you might want to stop by the base of Mount Everest for a breathtaking adventure.

Other gorgeous locations include Berlin, Germany; Easter Island, Chile; Petra, Jordan; San Francisco, California; Rome, Italy; Seattle, Washington; and, others.

Easter Island

Regardless if you’re an experienced geocaching explorer or you’re a beginner, geocaching is your next adventure. It not only teaches you about GPS and how to navigate the world, but it forms a community. We could always use more of that.